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Passionate About Coffee Grinding

Our Design Principles

Low Retained Coffee Grind.

Each grind leaves behind a more or less portion of ground beans in the grinder.  Since ground beans oxidize rapidly, they can have a wicked effect on the next cup.  This is particularly vexing when you are trying out different coffee beans between cups.  Low retained coffee grind is essential to the success of a good design.  Molar grinders give you the lowest retained coffee grind of any grinders on the market.

Man Filling up Coffee Beans

No Hopper.

The convenience afforded by a hopper hardly justifies its many faults.  To begin with, the path between the hopper and the grinding chamber is an ideal hiding place for ground beans.  Not to mention the fact that coffee beans can be sitting in the hopper for days before they see action, exposed all the while to light and air.  We opt for the single-dosing method, namely measuring out a desired quantity for each brew and grind immediately before brewing.  This preserves the greatest volume of flavor and aroma.  When convenience is achieved at the expense of flavor and aroma, we always take the side of the latter.

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Large Burrs in a Small Body.

Large burrs grind better than small burrs.  We use large burrs on all of our models.  But a Molar grinder will not occupy a large piece of real estate on your kitchen counter.  Our design eliminates all unnecessary space and fits everything into a small body that sits on a tight chassis.


Low RPM.

Everything else being equal, low grinding speed always delivers a better cup than high speed.  Our flat burr grinder is speed-adjustable, and doesn’t go over 434 rpm.  The conical burr model boasts a whopping speed of 30 rpm.   Slower is better.


A set of grinding burrs needs to be mounted in alignment and fitted on the same axis.  Failing to do so, even the best grinding burrs will deliver disappointing performance.  Here at Molar, we take alignment seriously.  Every grinder must go through meticulous alignment before shipping.


Easy to Clean.

A simple design makes sure that a Molar grinder can be easily taken apart for quick cleaning.

Hassle-Free Operation.

With Molar grinders there isn’t a complicated setting-up process.  You choose your desired grind level, hit the on/off switch, and you get ground beans with great consistency.  No hassle!

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Molar Z

  • 120mm Flat Burrs.  Custom-made for us by SSP Grinding Solution, our 120mm flat burrs are an excellent performer for both brewing and making espressos.  With Red Speed coating, these burrs are capable of grinding 5000kgs of beans before replacement.

  •  Sweet and Bright.  The Molar Z surpasses most flat burr grinders on the market in giving your espressos a sweet finish while retaining sufficient brightness.

  • CNC-Machined Parts.  Key components in the Molar Z use expensive and extremely precise CNC-machined parts to get it one step closer to perfection.

  • Super Low Retained Grind.  We have reduced the Molar Z’s grinding chamber to the smallest and the grinding path to the shortest possible.  The grinding chamber is a compact space wherein all parts are nestled to within 0.2mm from one another.  The retained grind for each use is under 0.2g.

  • Brushless Motor.  The heart of the Molar Z is a brushless motor custom made for us in the Hsinchu Industrial Part.  This high-rpm, high-torque 450w geared motor performs like an 800w motor.  

  • Low RPM/Adjustable Speed.  We like low-rpm grinding.  The Molar Z has a user-adjustable range of 60-400 rpm.  The recommended setting is 150 rpm or above for brewing, and 200 rpm or above for espressos.

  • Stepless Grind Size Adjustment. Even the most fastidious users will be able to find their ideal grind size.

Burr: 120mm flat burr set

Voltage: 110V or 220V

Power Consumption: 450W

Speed: 60~400RPM

Measurements: 200mm(W)x390mm(D)x370mm(H)

Weight: 15.5kg

Molar miniZ

Mazzer 151F / 151G burr set 

SSP 83 Silver Knight brewing only burr set 

  • Brewing Only Burrs: The stock burr set in the miniZ is the renowned Mazzer 151F.  It boasts a diameter of 83mm, and is also the standard burr used on the much celebrated Mazzer ZM.  151F produces a consistent grind with very little small fines, gives high TDS yield, and the result in the cup is great sweetness and full-bodied flavor.

  • Low Retained Coffee Grind: The entire grinding path is tilted at 15.5 degrees, which allows gravity to do the work and pull coffee grind out of the exit.An o-ringed cover at the top combined with a custom-made air blower further reduce retained coffee grind to under 0.2 gram.

  • A Custom-designed Motor: The heart of the miniZ is an outer rotor brushless motor custom-designed for us by one of the best manufactures in Taiwan.  The 350w motor easily outperforms many 600-700w motors used in similar grinders.  It automatically adjusts its torque and rpm in response to the hardness of the coffee beans.  Did we mention that the motor driver is not sourced from the general market, but also designed for us by the same manufacture?

  • Lighter, Smaller, and Better: miniZ is probably the lightest and smallest grinder in its class.  Most other grinders using 83mm burr set stand at 60cm and weigh in at 20-40kg.  In comparison, the miniZ is 40cm in height and weighs 8.5kg.  It is called miniZ for a reason.

  • Infinite Stepless Grind Size Adjustment: Even the most fastidious users will be able to find their ideal grind size.

Burr:83mm flat burr set
Voltage:110V or 220V

Power Consumption:400W





Mazzer 187C burr set

   Artefatto 83mm burr set

  • 83mm Conical Burr: The 83mm burr is currently the largest conical coffee grinder burr available on the market. Generally, the larger the burrs, the higher the grinding efficiency and the more expansive the brewed flavor. Molar X² can be equipped with either the Italian Mazzer 187C burr or the newly developed Artefatto burrs.


  • Adjustable speed: We believe that slower grinding speed results in better flavor.  X² continues the tradition of maintaining a low rotation speed but now includes three adjustable speed options (40/60/80 RPM). You can fine-tune the coffee flavor by using different speeds.


  • Super Low Retained Grind: Molar X² minimizes the length of the coffee grind path as much as possible. The retained grind for each use is under 0.2g.


  • Brushless motor: A specialized motor developed with the assistance of a professional motor manufacturer in the Hsinchu Industrial Part. The motor features high torque and speed, paired with a custom-designed gearbox according to our specifications. Digital control adjusts the torque and speed based on the hardness of the coffee beans, ensuring both efficiency and functionality.


  • CNC-Machined Parts.  Key components in the Molar X² use expensive and extremely precise CNC-machined parts to get it one step closer to perfection.


  • Stepless Grind Size Adjustment. Even the most fastidious users will be able to find their ideal grind size.


  • High performance in a small size: The dimensions of the Molar X² are: 16cm wide x 28cm deep x 38cm high, and weighs 13.5kg. It fits perfectly on the table. Who says that a high-performance grinder with a large burr set must be huge?


  • Suitable for espresso and brewing both.

Burr: 83mm Conical burr set

Voltage: 110V or 220V

Power Consumption: 450W

Speed: 40/60/80RPM

Measurements: 160mm(W)x280mm(D)x380mm(H)

Weight: 13.5kg

Molar X

(Sold out)

  • Super Low Grinding Speed: We find that 30rpm generates a negligible amount of heat and gives the best balance between taste, flavor, and efficiency.  To increase efficiency we have chosen Mazzer 187C 83mm conical burrs from Italy, the largest commercially available burrs.

  • Super Low Retained Coffee Grind: The grind path opens straight downward, allowing gravity to do the work and keep retained coffee grind to the minimum.  In fact, we have measured.  The retained coffee grind is under 0.1gm for each use.

  • The aluminum body is CNC machined in Taiwan to within an error of 0.02mm.

  • The Molar X is capable of infinite stepless adjustment.  A complete turn of the adjustment ring raises or lowers it for only 1.5mm.  The retaining ring allows the user to quickly dial in his/her ideal grind size and lock it in.

  • Suitable for espresso and brewing both.

Color: Silver / Ink

Burr: 83mm Conical burr set

Voltage: 110V or 220V

Power Consumption: 230W

Speed: 30RPM

Measurements: 150mm(W)x300mm(D)x460mm(H)

Weight: 16kg

Molar Power Ring

Espresso coffee dosing catcher ring is a powerful friend when you are doing WDT ( Weiss Distribution Technique) . 

Molar Power Ring is solid, exquisite, reliable. Easy to use and clean.


Made by : SUS304 stainless steel

High : 36mm
Fit for : 58mm Portafilters

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About Molar Grinder

The effect of the grinder on a cup of coffee is beyond your imagination.

We focus on the related research and development of various fine grinders.


The beginning of everything is just to achieve some of the ideals for grinders: a more complete flavor and keep retained coffee grind to the minimum.

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